Our Solution Content

EA600 use as Server and Player together in one machine.

Under our network, one EA600 can control all the different player work.

EA600 display 4K content to 3 x 42" LCD Monitors as irregular display.

EA1367 display 4 Full HD videos in 4 x 10.1" LCD Monitors.

SA101 display 3 different display zone, 2 with Full HD content.



Client Request


1. All the Content resolution must be Full HD or UP.

2. The Main Display (3x42" LCD ) must be attractive, visitor will see it when they pass the booth.

3. The 4 different content play time for 4 x 10" LCD Monitor, must be adjust to "start" and "stop" at the same time.

4. One monitor must be open 3 display zone, 2 zones must be Full HD Content.