Digital Dual Stage Water Filter / Water Filtration

*QCC Quick Change Cartridge Type:
  1st: QCC-10P PP Sediment
  2nd: QCC-10CK GAC+KDF
*Weight: 2.75KGS(4PCS/CTN - 11KGS)
  1st: QCC-10P PP Sediment
  2nd: QCC-10UF Hollow Fiber Membrane+Silver Impregnated Coconut Carbon
*Weight: 3KGS(4PCS/CTN - 12KGS)


*Measurement: 2.4 cu.ft.
*Equipped With Digital Flow Meter, Remind You To Replace Filters
*Large Flow Diverter Valve, Applicable For High/Low Water Pressure Area
*Carbon Filter Removes Chemical, Chlorine & Odor
*Sleep Device Performance, To Extent Battery Life
*Flow Rate: 1.8LPM / 60PSI

Type: Counter Top
LCD Monitor: No(CTM-300) / Yes(CTMD-301)

*MOQ: ALYA Brand : None / OEM&ODM : 300PCS

Standard Equipment :
1. 1.5V, LR03 Batteries * 2PCS
2. Diverter Valve 55/64"-27 * 1PCS