Capacitive Touch
◆ Compatible with 3M.
Easy use with finger, great sensitivity.
Product Introduction

This Capacitive Touch Panel is the ideal tool for enhancing the user interface experience
with either a gaming machine or a slot machine. This touch panel is extremely durable in most 
environments including withstanding water contact, dust and grease. And with its great sensitive 
touch screen, it will activate with either a bare finger or a capacitive stylus and have excellent 
dragging performance. We offer the sizes from 15 inches up to 32 inches.


► Colloect with #53212-2 Controller (RS232/ USB).

► Advantages of Capacitive Touch sensor:

1. Highly transparent with a transmittance of 95%~99%

2. Tempered glass with a scratch hardness of 7H: the Vandal-Proof structure makes the product more suitable for systems in public places.

3. High sensitivity: the touch screen functions by sensing electrical currents from the human body and is capable of offering immediate response at the slightest touch (a response time within 16ms at a stress load of below 30g). 

4. The extremely high transmittance (up to 99%) and 7H of scratch hardness, coupled with water and dust resistant surface design makes the product best suited for general public applications.

► Specifications of Capacitive Touch sensor:

Item  Standard
 Input Mode  Finger or Stylus
 Operating Temperature  -20℃~70℃
 Storage Temperature  -40℃~85℃
 Transparency  95%↑
 Linearity  1.0%
 Hardness  7H
 Operating Force  <30g
 Knock Test  350,000,000 times