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IR Touch
Function with all of object.
Full Name of IR Touch Panel: Infrared Ray Touch Panel.

Product Introduction
The IR Touch Panel is ideally designed for medium and large screen. it’s a control
surface for managing a wide variety of digital and analog devices in conference rooms,
kiosk, classrooms and other types of spaces, The IR Touch has a sleek design that
remains affordable due to its ruggedized plastic housing. You can also simply use on a
digital signage or video walls. Key features include a video streaming and USB/RS232
controller, – all at an economical price point.


► Colloect with Controller (RS232/ USB).

Advantages of Capacitive Touch sensor:

1. High transparency is up to 90%.

2. Stable and Durable. 

3. Designed to prevent the interference of light. 

4. Long lifetime for 2~3 year warranty.

Specifications of Capacitive Touch sensor:

 Item  Standard
 Input Mode  Finger or Any Object
 Operating Temperature  -20℃~70℃
 Storage Temperature  -40℃~85℃
 Transparency  90%↑
 Linearity  2mm
 Hardness  7H
 Operating Force  0 g
 Report Rate  Max 100 rps (Single Point)