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SAW Touch
◆ Function with finger or soft material.
◆ Low Price with great function.
Product Introduction
Surface Wave Acoustic (SAW) technology operates by tracking sound waves above the human hearing range, also known as ultrasonic waves, to detect the location of touch points on the screens. It’s ideally designed for gaming machines, amusement machine or for any other types of  entertaining markets. SAW offers an excellent alternative for many touch applications requiring a light touch, excellent optical characteristics and a very durable surface since it's explosion proof.
Eago Enterprise displays offer unmatched performance, durability and value across our broad product offering,we offer a customized size from 8.4 inches up to 32 inches!
Colloect with #53212-2 Controller (RS232/ USB).

Advantages of Capacitive Touch sensor:

1. High transparency. Light transmission is up to 90%.

2. Affecting by EMI lower than other types of touch screens. 

3. 7H high hardness tempered glass with Vandal-Proof and Anti-Scratch. 

4. Operating by finger or soft materials.

5. The longest lifespan in all of touch screen.

6. Customized from 8.4" to 32". 

7. Response time less than 10 ms.

Specifications of Capacitive Touch sensor:



 Input Mode

 Finger or Soft Materials

 Operating Temperature


 Storage Temperature








 Operating Force

 < 85g

 Knock Test

 50,000,000 times